Evolving / Eroding (ENGLISH)

The exhibition Evolving / Eroding shows work by the Indian and Danish art photographers: Amit Sheokand, Akshay Mahajan, Jagrut Raval, Miriam Nielsen, Jenny Nordquist and Louise Bøgelund Saugmann.

All artists have with their different personal approaches used photography to explore the concept of nature, taking Goa/India as a starting point for their works. For all participants nature is the most important source of inspiration. Nature should in this sense be understood as something that is not separated from us but rather part of us, and the motifs are concerned with both evolving and eroding aspects of nature. The exhibition includes a broad variety of works that employ various photographic techniques reflecting on both the photographic medium itself as well as the concept of nature. The photographs are manipulated, distorted, copied, staged and interpreted in various ways, and the works move from the abstract and intuitive to the more conceptual and investigative.

With this exhibition we hope that the meeting between the artists and the artworks will contribute to new realizations, reflection and form the basis for debate on both the photographic media and our relationship with nature, whether we live in Denmark or India.

Amit Sheokand's (I) body of work, Māsoḷī takes us beneath the surface, to see the intricate designs of nature. The skeletal structure of local fish, which becomes waste, while we consume the organism as food or is seen as objects in natural history and science museums, seem surreal and whimsical when viewed in this format. Akshay Mahajan (I) has in Elder flowers looked into the Goan home, where you often see pictures of deceased family members carefully framed and placed next to Gods and Saints. He combines these portraits with local fauna to create an interaction with old superstitions that trees are totems for fallen ancestors. Jagrut Raval (I) has created a number of works that mix the old photographic technique, cyanotype with drawing. He has taken a starting point in the conceptual architect Lebbeus Wood's ideas about the nature of architecture and imagines a time when buildings are self mutating, growing from objects in landscape. Miriam Nielsen (DK) exhibits new montage works on paper and aluminum. The works are based on photographs of landscapes, structures and urban spaces recorded in Goa and Europe. The works investigate the materiality of nature creating new abstract realities. The works will be installed in relation to the space and use both walls and floors. The works Scenic Object 1-3 are created in collaboration with artist and designer Laura Faurschou (DK). Jenny Nordquist (SE/DK) alters and reconceptualize found hyalotypes from late 19th century to provoke new perspectives about photography, it’s fragility and relation to nature. In When Nature Vents Her Fury the depicted landscapes are of an imposing and incredible nature. They expose our instinct to explore, to discover and to extend our perspective to new horizons. But they also speak to something more fleeting and fragile. Louise Bøgelund Saugmann (DK) shows the series One frame infinite, consisting of analogue, photographic, montage works and sound pieces. All works are based on a single photograph from one of her many trips to South Goa of the natural sculpture, Magic Rock. The sound pieces are created in collaboration with artist, Will Harris (US) and musician, Abdullah S (DK).

We would like to thank The Danish Cultural Institute in India and Denmark, The Agency for Culture and Palaces and Air India, who have kindly supported the exhibition.