My works is primarily inspired by nature; itís Mysteries and Complexities.

My works simply does not paint the unexpected, commonplace and put it on paper, I try to captures the light that proceeds them until it reaches your soul and stirs up emotions. I am not constrained always by merely exquisite recording with equal fidelity and pleasure noticing of the human delights. The interplay between an assiduously cultivated language, delicate, catches the unmistakable Bardhan effect- an unresolved truce with idioms, in which the fluidity of watercolours  and commonplace find themselves entangled .I  build up experience and veil them through the shape and weight of lines and rhythms of oeuvre are eloquent. Itís such an imponderable world you may think but changes it for you.  Painted space expresses in succinct terms of the quivering between magnificence and materiality, joy and dourness, self-centered and an inner spirituality, content with the tentativeness of the world.  The lushness of the watercolours is perhaps quieter, probably subtle if one uses the right word that invigorates and well up subtler sensations.

My works provides a salutary nudge that affinity is always more than one.

~Pappu Bardhan