The idea dawned on me quite suddenly one evening in Shantiniketan. I have been a practicing photographer for quite some time now. I wondered if now, instead of individually, we as a collective of professional artists could use photography to explore a common theme. We would be free to choose our technique. Of course our experience with the camera was varied. So began the brainstorming, a list of artists was drawn up. I imagined a site-specific workshop on our response to Shantiniketan, its adjustments, and its relevance or otherwise in a world of change. I shared my thoughts with Jogen Choudhury. He took to the idea and suggested SSVAD as the host venue and agreed to be a part of the workshop. It is nice to see the idea coming to a full circle with this exhibition. It also gives us participants an opportunity to revisit our own works in the context of the others.

Chandra Bhattacharjee